Kent Sofa & Mia Chair

About us

We believe in creating joy. Your home is distinctly yours, and should showcase your unique taste. The art of good interior design is found in the subtleties of a homeowner’s personality combined with a sense of natural flow and function. When arranged correctly, a home becomes a sanctuary. From furniture pieces to accent details, every room can create a harmonious atmosphere to nourish each person who enters. Come home to a space that reminds you of your values and gives you joy. 

Anne Middleton-Estep, owner, offers extensive knowledge of interiors based on her experience of owning an interior design business in Knoxville and freelance design work, as well as over twenty years of real estate staging. Customers of Fringe Furnishings & Decor find themselves welcomed, valued, and in capable hands.

“I want your home to reflect you and what you love. Together we create an environment for refuge and to re-energize. I love an eclectic mix of products. And our one-of-a-kind finds and Norwalk custom furniture allows your own personal style to shine.”

Augusta Chair
Hudson Bed
Miranda Bed